Our Analytics Advance

Our link shortener was released almost a year ago now, and yet it was only in the last few months that we added the ability to view how many times people have gone to your link. Today, the power of slink.be, has increased. After a bit of work, testing, and research we have added the ability to see how many unique visitors a link has. Previously, you could only see how many times people went to your links and that was it. Now, you can see how many individual people have visited your link in addition to seeing how many times a link has been visited. This will allow for more insight into these links to take place so that you can see how many people have gone to a link, not just how many times it has been clicked. Of course, with the release of a new feature comes a problem as well. All new links created will automatically track individual visitors. Links created in the past will also do this, but any individual visitors who visited in the past will not be included as we were not tracking this data before. Finally, we would like your feedback as to how we can improve our link shortener. Feel free to contact us about this at dev@slink.be.

Happy Link Shortening!

~ The Slink Dev Team